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Alappuzha or Alleppey, is famous for its boat races, Kerala houseboats, coir products, fishes and lakes. Alappuzha remains prominent on the tourist trial of Kerela Tourism as one of the major centers for kerala backwater houseboat trips. A host of boat races are held here during the harvest season (between July and September), Also known as the start of kerala Tourism Season. Alleppey or Alappuzha is also known as the "Venice of the East" its was here that traders from across the seven seas came in search of black gold and souvenirs.

Alleppey has a large network of canals and one of the major centres for Kerala backwater where the kerala houseboat trips are. This palace where narrow canals, rivers, lakes lagoons and land meet are aptly called “Alleppey backwaters” . Kerala Houseboat tours In this wonderful land lush green paddy fields, coconut plantation, topicana and banana, mango are cultivated four to six feet below the sea level. Life in Alleppey backwaters cannot be though without a canoe or kerala houseboats. It is the land of fishermen and women. It distinguishes itself with prawns, mussels, pearl spot fish and other fishes. Tourist Are very much fond of dishes made with fishes in kerala houseboats. In order to be one with Vembanad Lake which is the biggest freshwater lake in Kerala a backwater cruise where the kerala houseboat cruise on the lakes and rivers take you along canals past scenic islands offering sublime views of coconut and paddy fields, fishing nets, toddy tapers at work, flocks of ducks swimming around the banks and tiny birds flying across the sky and typical Kerala village houses to experience an extra ordinary trip through the Kerala backwaters in kerala houseboat trip and take sweet memories of Kerala backwaters and kerala houseboats.

Kerala's network of navigable backwaters stretches to over 900km. These serene waterways and kerala houseboats are fringed by palm grove and paddy fields and offer a striking spectacle of the rustic life.

In Alappuzha, the life revolves around water. Children learn to swim before they walk. They learn to row boats before they bicycle. They learn their first lesson from the school of fish.

Alappuzha or Alleppey is also home to Kuttanad, The rice bowl of kerala, one of the very few places in the world where farming is done below sea level. Kuttanad is a land of lush paddy fields and stretches for 75 Km sandwiched between the sea and the hills. Kuttanad is the most beautiful backwaters region of Kerala. It is here that most of the snake boat races are conducted and a majority of the rice boat & kerala houseboat cruises are scheduled.

A striking example of the indigenous agricultural engineering know-how, here cultivation and habitation are made possible at four to ten feet below the sea level. For this purpose extensive land has been reclaimed from the backwaters and is protected by dikes built around it. A leisurely kerala Houseboat cruise along the canals here is a memorable experience. Alappuzha or Aleppey was once the busiest coast south of India, and its canals and backwaters of Kerala helped in the passage of cargo - be it tea, rubber or other produces from the hills - to the sea. The lighthouse and the pier helped the boats ferry accross, facilitating trade in their own way. Today, the 1000 ft long pier at Allepey beach , built in 1862 by Captain Hugh Crawford is a mere skeleton of its past. A Kerala backwater cruise on kerala houseboat cruise on the Punnamada Kayal takes you along canals past scenic islands offering sublime views of coconut and paddy fields, chinese fishing nets and toddy tappers at work. Alappuzha's beauty is not merely in its backwaters, but in the man-made islands that you will find amidst the waters. These islands in the backwaters of kerala are hedged by mud walls, a haven for migratory birds, with paddy fields inundated with water throughout the year. These fields stand below sea level. R Block is especially famous for the fresh toddy served to guests in the kerala houseboats

Some of the unique attractions of Alappuzha are:

Kerala Houseboats, Water Sports: Tourists can participate in numerous beach activities offered on the beautiful Alappuzha beach. For instance, you could indulge in any of the exciting water sports such as surfing or parasailing, or go swimming in the clear blue sea, or even try your hand at building a sand castle or playing a game of beach volleyball.

Boat Races: It is held in the months of August and September when the earth is moist and rain-drenched and the glorious backwaters overflows. Hundreds of men and women gather on the banks and in kerala houseboats to witness a spectacular view especially, the Snake Boat Races. The most famous event of boat race is the "Nehru Trophy Boat Race". It is held on the second saturday of every August. There are a dozen other snake boat races, providing an unforgettable and truly special scene. The fund of energy, spirit of competition and unerring co-ordination makes this sport extremely dynamic. Guests can enjoy the same in kerala houseboats also.

Kuttanad: Kuttanad, called the rice bowl of Kerala, because of her wealth of paddy crops is at the very heart of the backwaters. The scenic countryside of Kuttanad with its shimmering waterways also has a rich crop of bananas with exciting kerala houseboat tour.

Krishnapuram Palace: The 18th century Krishnapuram Palace built during the reign of the Travancore monarch, Marthanda Varma, is a double storied structure which displays typical characteristics of Kerala architecture-gabled roofs, dormer windows, narrow corridors.

Ambalappuzha (Pilgrim Center): The Sri Krishna Temple at Ambalapuzha, 14 kms from Alleppey is among Kerala's more famous ones boasting of the typical temple architectural style of the state.

Pathiramanal: 14 kilometers from Alleppy, this little island on the backwaters of Kerala is a favorite haunt of hundreds of rare migratory birds from different parts of the world.


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Kumarakom in Kerala is a beautiful backwater destination for kerala houseboat tours of kerala Tourism. located on the Southern coast of India enjoys a well-balanced tropical climate. Nature has composed its magic to perfection here. A million verdant coconut palms lining the rivers lean to examine its reflections on the glassy rivers. Everywhere, nature is at its best. Blooming forth in perfumes of flowers. In the riot of colours of multi-hued birds. In the fresh, succulent and bountiful freshwater fishes. It will be a memorable kerala houseboat cruise

The village of Kumarakum is a cluster of little islands on the Vembanad Lake, and this small water world is part of the Kuttanad region where the kerala houseboat tours. The bird sanctuary is one of the best sightseeing place in Kerala Tourism, which is spread across 14 acres is a favorite haunt of migratory birds and an ornithologist's paradise you can enjoy kerala houseboat tours. An unbelievably beautiful paradise of mangrove forests, emerald green paddy fields and coconut groves interspersed with enchanting waterways and canals adorned with while lillies - this is Kumarakum, the kerala houseboat kumarakum.

There is always a cool, fresh breeze, which makes even the warmest weather readily in kerala houseboat tours agreeable. The South West monsoon is from early June to early August. However, slight drizzles persist till early November. Average rainfall is 1100 mm per year. You can enjoy the monsoon in kerala houseboat packages.

Kumarakom is enthrallingly beautiful. The blue backwaters and the surface of Vembanad Lake reflect the azure sky. The amazing shades of green of the vegetation that include mangroves, coconut palms, and paddy fields cover the verdant countryside. Channels and waterways wind their way through this green paradise. Water lilies and lotuses bloom in the water and birds from the bird sanctuary on Vembanad Lake call as they fly across the clear tropical sky. Kumarakom is an idyllic holiday destination that you must visit on Kerala tours with Kerala Backwater and kerala houseboats.

While in Kumarakom you can enjoy the attractions of your tourist resort and kerala houseboat have an ayurvedic massage, try fishing or bird watching and have a relaxing holiday while on Kerala tours with Kerala Backwater. The birds you can see at the Vembanad Sanctuary in Kumarakom include, terns, gulls, herons, lapwings, kingfishers, stilts and Brahminy Kites. If you're a nature lover you're sure to be enchanted by the natural beauty of Kumarakom with kerala houseboats tour.

The Vembanad Lake is one of the largest fresh water lakes in Asia with kerala houseboats. It flows through the verdant lands of Kerala and offers one of the best backwater cruises. Most of the flora and fauna in this region flourishes around this supply of fresh water. The lake also acts as a balancing tank against floods, and its wooded banks, temptingly invite a visitor to explore more in kerala houseboats.

Kumarakom is a must visit on your Kerala tours with Kerala Backwater and kerala houseboats Kumarakom offers visitors many other leisure options.Kerala Houseboat & Other Boating and fishing facilities are available at Kumarakom. Holiday packages on the houseboats of kerala, traditional Kettuvalloms, are an out-of-this-world experience at Kumarakom. Millions of green coconut palms are lined on the river side, leaning to touch its reflections on the glassy waters. Blooming flowers, multi-hued birds, succulent freshwater fishes, all these makes the nature perfect at Kumarakom.

The Bird Santuary: A Water-bird sanctuary which is spread across 14 acres is a favorite haunt of migratory birds and an ornithologist's paradise. Domestic birds such as Egrets, darters, herons, teal, waterfowl, cuckoo, wild duck and migratory birds like the Siberian stork that live There in flocks are a fascination for visitors. The best way to watch the birds of the Kumarakom sanctuary is a boat & Houseboat trip round the islands.

Kumarakom is located 15 Km from Kottayam and about 75 Km from Cochin, which is the nearest airport. Kumarakom is accessible by road and rail till Kottayam. Taking the Kerala Houseboat cruise to Kumarakom is the ideal way to travel to Kumarakom. See the beautiful scenery and laze on a kerala houseboat as you drift along the backwaters of Kumarakom, while on Kerala tours with Kerala Backwater. The local spring season emerges from August and coincides with the harvest festival of Onam. The lowest and highest temperatures recorded are 16.10 C and 37.80 C.


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Cochin Beach

Known as Queen of the Arabian Sea, Cochin (Kochi) is believed to be the finest natural harbour in the world. It is a cluster of islands on the vast expanse of the Vembanad Lake. Because of its commercial importance, foreign powers vied for supremacy in the area and therefore the place has a blend of several exotic cultures like the Portuguese, Jewish, English, French, Dutch and Chinese. Ferry rides in Kochi commands a breathtaking view due to its lush green lawns sloping down to the water's edge. Giant Chinese fishing nets that billow from massive teak and bamboo poles dot the entrance to the harbor. Silhouetted against the setting sun, they present a magnificent sight at the waterfront.

Kerala Houseboats are a unique way to experience the beauty of Cochin. The houseboats glide on the backwaters of Kochi, with panoramic view passing by It is this natural advantage that has made Kochi a fascinating blend of the cultures and influences of explorers and traders who visited this wealthy land. The Arabs, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch and British have all left their mark here. The Jewish synagogue, the Dutch palace, the Chinese Fishing nets, and other remnants of European and Asian architecture merge smoothly into the traditional fabric of the seaport city. Half the fun of visiting Kochi is moving around on the local several quaint spots. Houseboats & Other Boat cruises from Kochi harbor to Willingdon Island, Mattancherry Place, the Jewish Synagogue, Fort Kochi and Bolgatty Island. Sunset cruise. 3 hour backwater village cruises which include visits to coir villages and coconut plantations

The Kerala backwaters provide visual treat for those who are fascinated by nature. If you want to feel the magic and the energy of nature in you, the best place for it would be Cochin backwaters. One can spot many birds lurking in hidden corners amidst the dense growth of trees on the shores. Life goes on at a slow pace and it looks like time actually stops over here to admire the beauty of this magical place. Now that you are desperate to come here, pack your bags and catch the next flight and come here to experience life in its purest form

Cochin is actually a group of beautiful islands located on the crystal green Lake Vembanad, opening out into the vast Arabian Sea. Cochin provides a perfect destination for kerala Tourism,to start your Kerala backwaters tour as many backwater Houseboats cruises begin or end at Cochin.

On your Cochin backwaters tour with Kerala Backwaters, you can enjoy an exciting houseboat cruising on the beautiful islands, lagoons and small rivulets full of swaying coconut palm trees. Half the fun of traveling to Cochin is enjoying a backwater cruise through the serene and picturesque waterways in Houseboats. Visit Cochin and enjoy a Houseboats boat cruising on the beautiful Willington Island surrounded by beautiful backwaters of Kerala. A thrilling water cruise on Bolghatty Island can truly be an unforgettable experience on Cochin backwaters tours. On your Cochin backwaters tour ,you can also visit the famous tourist attractions of Cochin like the Jewish Synagogue, Cochin Fort, Mattancherry Palace and St Francis Church


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Kollam Water Rivers

Kollam was an erstwhile centre of trade on the Malabar Coast in ancient times. Kollam Backwaters tours echo the true spirit of Kerala tourism in recent times. Kollam is located on the banks of the Ashtamudi Lake that is the gateway to the glistening Kerala backwaters 7 Houseboat cruise. The Lake embracing eight streams covers a major portion of Kollam. Kollam Houseboat Backwaters cruises make for a delightful experience. You can capture amazing sights of canals, blooming water lilies, the raucous songs of birds from the banks and the unpretentious village life of kerala

This historic coastline district known for its marine and cashew industries was one of the oldest ports on the Malabar coast and a major international trading point in Kerala .30% of this town is covered by the renowned Ashtamudi Lake, making it the gateway to the magnificent backwaters of Kerala..The backwaters around Kollam, which extend from the Ashthamudi Lake, are exceedingly beautiful. The backwater tour from Kollam to Alappuzha is the longest cruise in Kerala. This boat ride from Kollam to Alappuzha takes 8 hours and is a delightful ride, with lotuses and water lilies growing in the water, water birds calling from the banks and otters splashing and playing in the water.

Kollam is renowned for its Cashew industry and used to be an important trade center during old days. Kollam also has a number of historical monuments and ancient ruins that give a mystical essence to this quiet little town. The Kollam backwaters are best explored on traditional Kerala houseboats known as "Kettuvalloms". These houseboats look traditional but are equipped with all modern facilities and you can have freshly-cooked, authentic Kerala cuisine as each houseboat In kerala has an on-board cook. So just sit back and relax on a comfortable couch while relishing yummy food and enjoying the sunset that paints the water golden, the best scenic beauty of Kerala tourism.

The backwaters of Kollam & Kerala Houseboat are a great way to observe nature flourishing in its best form here. The shores are lined with many trees and provides shelter to many exotic birds like cuckoos, egrets, ducks, etc. that come out in the water for an occasional swim. The water is a natural habitat for water plants like water lilies and lotus that add charm to the meandering waterways. There are small restaurants lined up on the shores where you can stop and have a taste of local cuisine

(Quilon) is covered by the renowned Ashtamudi lake and the eight-hour boat trip between Kollam and Alappuzha is the longest and most enchanting experience on the backwaters of Kerala. Kollam (Quilon) architectural remnants and a number of temples built in the traditional ornate style are the witness of the enchanting history of this town.

The ancient Sastha temple, which lends its name to the town, is an important pilgrim center. Mayyanad, 10 kms off south to Kollam town, is famous for her shrines and temples. The most important of the nine temples here is the Subramanya Temple at Umayanallor. Thangasseri, a seaside village five kms away from the town is of great historic importance with the remnants of the old Portuguese fort and church.

Oachira is noted for its Parabrahma temple where no deity or idol is consecrated, but is dedicated to the universal and transcendental consciousness. The Alaruvi waterfalls, 75 kms from Kollam town, make its way down the rocks from a height of 300 feet. The Palaruvi woods is a beautiful picnic spot

Welcome drink
Tender Coconut or juice

Rice, Fish Fry, Aviyal, Sambar, Thoran, Mezhukupuratti, Pappad, Pickle, Curd & Vegetable salad

Tea or Coffee with Snacks (Banana Fry or Vegetable Pakoda or Vada or Finger Chips)

Basmati Rice & Chapatti with Chicken Curry, Dal, Rasam & Mix Veg:

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Idly or Dosa with Sambar & Chutney
Appam or Idiyappam with Egg Curry or Vegetable Stew 
Puttu with Kadala Curry 
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